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Piedras y Tabla en Rupanco by DVHeld

The stark simplicity of this piece is its biggest strength. The rocks look naturally placed, and unless I'd read down the comments before starting this critique I wouldn't have realised that they'd been placed there by yourself. It looks almost like some God threw them there in boredom, or like something was buried underneath it.

While I love the capture for me I'm not so fond of the angle. It feels like you're trying to convey either a sense of solitude (with the cool colours) or peacefulness (again with the cool colours but the very 'calm' shot) or maybe even contemplation (the shape of the rocks makes you 'think').

At first I thought that the rocks were placed dead center but then as I looked again I realised that they were slightly off to one side, which gives a really nice unique composition too.

Personally I'd have preferred to have an angle where you can 'see' some of the horizon line in the foreground and having the rocks intersecting that, and maybe a wider shot so that you get a feeling of solitude or loneliness if that's what you were going for as you could see more of the lake around it.
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DVHeld Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
Yeah, simplicity and a natural looking formation were among the ideas for this photo.

The would not have mattered too much probably, as the horizon would have been overexposed too. And if I tried a wider shot, the shore would have been visible, which was not the idea. Maybe I could have placed them a bit further off in the water to get more foreground space.

Anyways, thanks for the critique and advise! I'll take it into account if I try something similar in the future (:
BoyWonderRobin Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2012  Student General Artist
Your welcome
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